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I am appreciative and humbled for this opportunity to serve the thousands of Wilson High School Alumni. As the President of the Florence Chapter of the Wilson High School Alumni Association, I am deeply and passionately committed to making a difference in the lives of both
current Wilson students and alumni. It is therefore with this goal in mind that I share my administrations’ primary objectives. During my tenure as President, we will focus on key
initiatives that will strengthen the Wilson High School Alumni Association by developing stronger strategic alignments within our alma mater. My initiatives will include increasing
alumni giving and increasing Alumni Association membership. Furthermore, we will increase young alumni participation in the Wilson High School Alumni Association by making it easier for them to join. Together, the achievement of these primary initiatives will fortify our chapters, provide even more opportunities for present Wilson High School students, and ensure that the legacies built by our forefathers will continue well into the future. Wilson High School Alumni,
now, more than ever, our children need the involvement of our Alumni. Through your support we are able to provide substantial and significant assistance to present Wilson High School
students. YOUR support is critical to OUR success!

We Are Wilson,

Mark Bailey

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